Saturday, 24 August 2019


We spent the most gorgeous week in Cornwall this summer in the bell tent. It's our favourite place in the world, but we haven't been for a few years for a variety of reasons. We choose to camp at Trevedra Farm, near Sennen, a family run campsite, quite exposed on the top of Escalls Cliff, you can see the Scilly Isles on a clear day, and it's within walking distance of Gwynver and Sennen beaches. 

We pitched the bell tent for our week stay behind a Cornish hedge which is traditionally made of stone. 

We took only the bare necesseities for our holiday, but I managed to squeeze in a few sheepskin rugs to make it more homely. I take all the kitchen pots and plates in a crate which then doubles as storage in the tent. We have an inner tent for the bell that creates two bedrooms and a bit of privacy for the teenagers. 

Board games come too in case of bad weather, but we only got the monopoly on the first night as the boys quickly made friends. We visited our favourite beaches, stopped at roadside stalls to buy fresh fruit and veg and drove down our favourite road, the B3306, which now has a pop-up Moomaid ice cream stall in a container by the roadside!

We celebrated a birthday whilst we were there, sixteen already! *sobs* Although it would be fair to say he'd have rather spent it at home with his friends than camping with us.

I love this part of Cornwall, so rugged, with granite boulders strewn across the countryside and tiny field systems that haven't changed since neolithic times. It's hard living here, farmers diversify by turning their fields into campsites for the hoards of tourists that make their annual pilgrimage here each summer. I allowed myself to daydream about living here, pressing my nose against estate agents windows and wishing I had bought an old wooden beach hut twenty years ago before they were snapped up by developers and turned into huge New England style mansions. 

The wooden chalet (above) was built by an artist as her studio and sits perched above Sennen beach and accessed only by a footpath. I believe it remains owned by her family and I hope it always does. I would love to stay in it in winter, watching the storms roll in from those windows. 

Until next time Cornwall, we won't leave it so long next time.

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