Sunday, 14 July 2019


Work and home life has been full-on the last few months not leaving me much time to blog! It's such a unique job with so many challenges in an extremely niche market but it's definitely the most interesting, fun and rewarding job I've ever done. Things change at a rapid pace, the circus moves from town to town and you have to be on your toes and adaptable at all times, which isn't always the easiest thing to do when you have three children. 

My employers are extremely accommodating and I work flexibly to be able to meet the demands of both my job and family life. I have always been blessed to work for people who respect the need to be able to work flexibly and in by supporting my ability to work in this way, have always got the best out of me as an employee. It doesn't mean I don't still feel guilty when I leave at 3pm to do the school run, but they know later on I'll be on line answering DM's, emails and posting on social media. 

I met the lovely Anna Whitehouse a few years back whilst in a queue for the loo at the Cheltenham Literature Festival (apart from there wasn't a queue she was just taking a moment to check messages and I didn't turn the doorknob enough so stood there like a fool!) I have followed and admired her 'Flex Appeal' campaign for years and find it incredulous that employers in this day and age don't embrace flexible working, not just for women with families but just as importantly for men too who want to be present to raise their families. 

I did have a horrible moment a few years back when our whole pub adventure came to an end and I was faced with having to find a job. To find anything part-time or flexible is nigh-on impossible and I feel it's often something afforded to loyal employees rather than new ones. I believe the key to any businesses success is finding the right people, the one's who fit into an organisation's ethos and amibitions and are prepared to show up and work hard. So don't be put off by going for full-time jobs or jobs that don't mention flexible working, find out if they are interested in you as if they are they will listen to you and I hope would accommodate your needs. 

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