Saturday, 18 May 2019


I remember exams only too well and am not one of those people with a photographic memory that can retain a lot of facts and figures, I learn through doing so I found school a challenge. That said I chose subjects I enjoyed and the ones that had more course work over exam based grades. I was one of the first few years of GSCE's and I guess they suited me more. I am incredibly frustrated with how exam based GCSE's are now becoming, and how much harder they are than when I studied for them. I am sure my son has done more or less the same for GCSE English than I did for A-level English!

My eldest took GCSE statistics last summer, so all he has to do is get four more GCSE's at grade 5 or above to go on to A-levels or whatever he decides to do, so I'm just hoping he has done enough! This photo isn't of my eldest I hasten to add, it's number two son, who was more stressed about his end of year exams in year eight than his older brother was about his GCSE's!

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