Saturday, 27 April 2019


I posted a picture of my son's birthday cake on Instagram this week and received some lovely compliments and lots of likes. I always try and create a special and unique cake for the boys birthdays  but they are never expensive as necessity really is the mother of all invention. 

I am always worried trying to think of an original idea but no matter how early I start thinking the idea doesn't often come to me until the day before, I guess my brain just works better under pressure!

This year we made a plain chocolate sponge, nothing fancy, and iced it all over with chocolate buttercream. Then the main idea - a treehouse, an idea that seemed simple but I tried three versions before one actually worked. I got the main stick from a hazel that we chopped down in the garden and then cut up a fruit crate to use as a base, and made the treehouse from an old wicker basket that had broken. A bit of moss, a swing made from a lego tyre and a ladder made from cardboard completed the treehouse. 

The 'icing on the cake' was a number thirteen laser cut from wood from The Bespoke Workshop, that was simple especially for a child that didn't want too much fuss but certainly appreciated the effort! 

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