Sunday, 2 December 2018


I hate the commercial side of Christmas so I always try to make gifts for family and friends if I have time. It also helps me budget and not panic buy things at the last minute and it is something the boys can get involved with too if they wish.

I usually make winter spiced firelighters to give as gifts, but this year thought I'd make some candles as well as I already had most of the 'ingredients' needed.

So although I'm no expert, here's a quick 'how to' if you want to have a go at making them yourself. Also if making them with children, please be careful when melting the wax as it is very hot so best for an older child or grown up.

You will need: 

500g of soy wax (£4.50 from Amazon)
A packet of wicks (I used this pack as it had double sided stickers to hold the wicks in place - 100 pieces £6.99 from Amazon)
Essential oils - I used Neals Yard Mandarin & Cinnamon to blend a wintery spice aroma that I bought last year to make the firelighters
120ml Amber Jars - (99p each from Baldwins)
1 old saucepan
Wooden clothes pegs


1. Secure the wicks to the bottom of the jars using the double sided stickers
2. Gently heat the wax in the saucepan - my saucepan is small with a spout which makes it really easy to pour the wax
3. Slowly the flakes of wax will dissolve and you can add your oils - I use approx. 20 drops of each oil.

4. Pour the wax into each jar - using the clothes peg to hold the wick upright in the middle whilst the wax cools.

5. Store in a cool dry place until solid - you may have to add a little more liquid wax if the middle of the candle sinks.
6. When dry, trim the wick so that there is about 5mm wick above the wax - too much wick results in a large flame - and screw on the top.
7. Finally label the candles if desired? We used some Avery kraft 7110 labels and downloaded the template from the Avery website - which gives you a word template of 18 stickers to design. I had high hopes of my youngest drawing or writing the labels for me, but the boys soon lost interest in what I was doing so I just kept them plain. You can also get these warning labels for less than £2 to stick on the bottom of the jars too.

These cost me less than £2 each to make (as I had the essential oils already) and I think make a lovely gift for family, friends, neighbours and teachers.

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