Thursday, 14 June 2018


They say a change is as good as a rest and we were delighted to escape for a few days to a corner of the country that I've never ventured before, East Sussex. We found the most perfect weatherboard beach chalet called Pebbles originally built in the 1920's at Winchelsea Beach. We had booked it for a few days last year but due to life and work commitments had to push our stay back a bit to this year, but it was worth the wait. 

My husband grew up in a wooden chalet not dissimilar to this one but sadly we couldn't get a mortgage to take it on from his mother and redo it when we first married so had to watch it get knocked down and turned into a square box of a house. One day I hope we can find one as the older I get the more I'd like to live in one.

Pebbles is situated at Winchelsea Beach near the historic town of Rye, along a shingle ridge made up of old railway carriages and wooden beach houses slowly being bought up and turned into luxury holiday homes. At one end of the ridge is the village green and the other a large wetland nature reserve situated along the river. 

We had company during our stay this noisy gull was nesting on the roof, next to the rooftop deck. It certainly was wary of us, but allowed us to sit quietly next to it, whilst its partner would swoop down keeping an eye on us.

Inside the beach house, everything is painted white capturing the seaside light. Additional rooms had been added to the beach house over the years making it perfectly big enough for a family.

Pebbles is furnished with leather chairs, antiques, beach combing finds, big comfy beds, a huge dining tables on casters and large walk in shower. It was minimalist in style but had everything you need for a holiday, including a chest full of games and piles of books.

Outside on the deck a large rollmop bath sits underneath the heavily scented elderflower, perfect for relaxing in with a good book.

I always take things to entertain the boys - things like rolls of paper to draw road maps on for the cars which can be held to the floor using masking tape. It isn't quite as lovely as it looks as Stan is drawing a dead man, squashed by a rhino?!?

The shingle beach stretches all the way to Dungeness and the light was incredible when we were there, as it was diffused by sea mist. 

I highly recommend Pebbles if you are looking for a quiet escape in a beautiful park of the world. 

I'll blog about the places we visited whilst we stayed here in a few days time! 

Visit for more information ~ this is not an ad. 

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  1. That must have been so hard to see your husband's family home knocked down. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find something similar one day. Pebbles sounds like a beautifully restful place to stay.


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