Saturday, 26 May 2018


With half term beginning and boys worn out and I can't deny that as much as I yearn for school holidays and mine for that matter, I have a sense of impending doom! Let me explain...

The boys are now 14, 12 and 6 and have mastered the art of arguing and winding their parents up, who in turn snip back at them and each other! A week's holidays in close proximity of each other just amplifies the dynamic and my ideas of wholesome family fun are reduced to family bickering. 

The general rule is to keep everyone busy *read no lie-ins* reduce screen time *read nag/bribe/plead with them to get off and get plenty of fresh air *have you looked at the weather forecast?*

Also it is really difficult for families with children with big age gaps to find things that we can all do and enjoy together. Whilst we all love ice-skating as we are all novices and the youngest can use a skate aid, playing crazy golf almost broke us a few years back! The oldest frustrated with the rest of us not playing fast enough, the youngest hitting the ball wherever and us all taking ages to find it and the middle one winding his brothers up because he could! 

Put that together with the extortionate cost of keeping children entertained - putting pressure on us as parents to pay for days out and then if we don't have a good time, suffer the guilt! 

As a child I remember playing in the local park for hours and hours on end and I remember being really bored. I don't remember being entertained and without a car growing up, days out were few and far between and therefore valued and enjoyed. So I wonder why I get so caught up in this world of parenting in having to keep them entertained? 

So this half term I'm going to try to stick to my guns, reduce screen time, go on some family walks, read and play family games - wish me luck! 

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