Thursday, 8 March 2018


Every few years our little town gets a covering of snow, sometimes it settles, more often than not it melts away. This winter we have had three separate snow weeks - almost unheard of! Three times we've been snowed in, not being able to get to work and school. We love it, the town with a sprinkling of snow looks beautiful and timeless. 

There is nothing better than embracing a snow day and with three boys who need daily exercise and fresh air, it's time to wrap up warm, find waterproof clothes, odd gloves, hats, as many socks as we can layer and still pull wellies on before finding out we've grown out of said wellies!

The last snow fall brought with it a cold spell that I can't remember experiencing before, the wind chill was so cold and I slipped over on the ice picking up a boy from school, bruising my ribs which is one of the most painful things I've ever done! 

We default to winter food, for warmth of course, hot toddies, porridge and big stews to enjoy after a day on the slopes! The slopes. We are blessed to live near the best sledging slopes, where families gather in the snow with sledges rediscovered, all ages playing and laughing together and shrieking as they slide down the hill. It's a pilgrimage that I hope will fill their childhood memories as they get older.

Then after everyone is worn out and can no longer feel their noses/toes/fingers a trip to the local pub to warm up with chips and a game of Uno with friends.

There really is nothing better than a snow day.

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