Thursday, 1 March 2018


I haven't blogged in an age. Life just seems to get in the way! I do manage to post regularly on Instagram but I've completely neglected this space here. 

In case you're not on Instagram, here's a quick summary of the past few years...

2016 saw us have a mid-life crisis, we left our jobs that we had worked at for 36 years between us and took on running a pub that had been closed for refurbishment for nine months, literally turned our lives upside down to make it work, had a so many problems with the brewery and couldn't make it work with the children (you can say "I told you so" at this point!) 

2017 couldn't remedy situation with the brewery, decided to cut our losses. Have so much love for so many people that propped us up during a really difficult time and supported our pub adventure by visiting - I lost three stone in weight during our time in the pub. I started working for a highly respected local PR company literally a day after handing the pub over and kept my head busy before being asked to runaway with the circus, quite literally. 

Started working in my absolute dream job with a fab team of people. Spending much more time with the boys and appreciating the little things, which was maybe the medicine that I needed? (but that's another blog post!) Still dealing with fall-out from the pub adventure which causes major anxiety but not one day goes past where I don't regret moving out as quickly as we moved in! 

2018 loving my job, we are broke and have to sell the shepherds hut but things are getting there. I read a lot of stuff about entrepreneurs, and taking risks - everyday there's a different 'motivating' slogan on Instagram and Facebook and I know if we had stuck at it we'd be successful and wealthier which is what I was chasing. I wanted to be something I'm not at the expense of all that I've got. 

so - I think that brings you back up to date with my news - so what news have I missed of yours? 

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