Thursday, 24 August 2017


Short on time this year I feared I had run out of inspiration for the little man's birthday, but some last minute searching online rewarded me with some simple short cuts that saved the day!

I made a chocolate cake using a recipe from Monty Don's Home cookbook, which always makes a rich, luxurious chocolate cake that rises really well. Then I covered it with a rich chocolate buttercream icing. With the 'camp' theme I made a very simple tent from card and broke off a few twigs from my twisted hazel bush in the garden and pushed them in to look like trees. Then I melted some pear drops in the oven, using baking parchment. Once the red and yellow pear drops had melted I swirled them together to create a fiery orange colour and left to cool. I snapped the cooled and now very hard sweet mixture into small shards and made a campfire by adding them to some matchmakers.

The retro Americana party bags were made with these happy camper pennants, I bought the artwork from Etsy for £4.80 and then printed them out and pegged them on some plain brown sandwich bags, £6.99 for 20 on Amazon, ready to fill with cake and small gifts, so they worked out at 59p/bag.

I found these gorgeous bear invitations on Etsy and for £9.61 (conversion rate from dollars) the artist personalised them for me within hours and sent a jpeg to print, which I thought was good value as I had plenty of kraft paper to print them out on.

I also found these cool scavenger hunt cards for a cool party game, again buying just the jpeg for £4.80 to print out at home, I'd have loved to have had the time to make my own but these were brilliant for five year olds. We also had a tiger, as an older brother wanted to dress up and surprise everyone at the party... grrrrrrreat fun!

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