Saturday, 18 February 2017


I have just realised that in the summer this blog will be ten years old! Ten years I've been here in this little corner of the inter web writing a whole load of waffle and sharing pictures. It seems like a very long time.

I have been very slack of late writing here and I certainly don't blog as much as I used to, I often ponder whether I should just close it down and hang out on Instagram instead. I'm still undecided.

I started writing the blog and sharing bits and bobs when my second child was a babe in arms, his cot was in the spare room where the computer was and in the quiet darkness of the night when he woke for a feed, I'd power up the whirring pc and discover a world of other mums and creative types online.

It wasn't just blogs I'd read, I soon became addicted to flickr, discovering other film photographers, although I always found it strange that we'd scan in our images to make them digital to upload!

One of the best things about this blogging malarky is the people that I've met and now call friends. It cuts out that initial 'finding out about you' courtship, instead you know that you have loads in common, I guess similar to online dating.

So all that leaves me to ponder is one very big question just how do you celebrate a virtual birthday? Ideas would be most welcome...


  1. Please don't give up... I love your blog - frequent or infrequent

  2. I am nine years this year and, like you, wonder whether to throw it all in for Instagram. I come back to it for the words. I think it's testimony to how these online devices and apps have made us time poor. I used to read for hours - I had hours and children at home, Now, the children are grown and gone and I feel more time poor than I ever did. Sometimes I wonder whether to just turn them all off and go back to what it was like before. Just a radio, a television for after dinner and all arrangements pre-made and stuck to it because there was no phone in your pocket for last-minute changes.

  3. I hope you'd still share your lovely photos and stories through blogging :)
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  4. i have always enjoyed your writings and photography ive followed you a long time. i started blogging about 10 years ago...ive had 3 blogs since then...but i gave up for a while then started again this many blogs i loved gave up for instagram. although i enjoy ig i miss that personal touch a blog has to offer and enjoy reading some ones post. it always seems sooo quiet in blogland...before ig it was a hive of activity...slowly i hope people will return to their blogs... ;) I hope you keep at it too ;)


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