Thursday, 15 December 2016


I was listening to the Chris Evans breakfast show this morning and was impressed by one of his guests Matthew Syed, who talked about people who want to better their lives 'dare to fail' in order to succeed. It made me think about our year, how we've put everything on the line to open the pub and how bloody hard it's been. 

I haven't wanted to admit to anyone how hard it's been in fear of judgement or criticism or people actually not wanting to come to the pub! But at the same time I have realised the enormity of what we've achieved in such a short period of time. We've opened a pub after it was closed for nine months, we've got it up and running and achieved our targets, we've dealt with a ridiculous amount of problems and outstanding work from the renovations, things like having a generator as the surveyor had overlooked the fact that the pub needed three-phase electricity then dealing with the generator regularly breaking down during service and not having wet room/loo finished so we couldn't open the campsite over peak summer holidays and therefore loosing income. 

We've got things wrong, this business is harsh and unforgiving and you can't please everyone, in the early days I can remember sobbing outside the back door after being berated by an unpleasant customer. Things continue to be hard, it's difficult to find good staff when you're a rural business, I dread ice or snow and people not being able to get to us and family time is rare as we're working long hours. But we've come such a long way, we've proved we can set up and run a business and we've solved a million problems and will continue to face a million more. 

But most importantly we've had the support from a huge amount of people, some through social media and word of mouth, family, old friends, new friends, local people who have come to see who these daft people are that have taken over the pub, it has been most humbling to have such support and we are so grateful to everyone.

It's still early days and I don't know whether we will succeed or whether this life is right for us as a family long term, but I do now realise that we did dare to fail and will continue to do so as we work hard to realise our dreams in life.  


  1. An honest and heartwarming account of life in the hospitality industry - which I know and can totally appreciate.
    Keep the faith and continue to follow your dreams ... wherever they lead you.

  2. thank you...
    i recently put some of my 'makes' up for sale ... and they didn't... and i felt foolish to be so exposed in instagram and my blog and... well .. failing. but you know what? that's ok, i still like what i do and brings my joy, i just need to learn from it, right? Good luck with the pub, i'll come visit soon

  3. It's amazing what you have ALL achieved, 'dare to fail' is something we all deep down would love to have the guts to do, well done Emma and keep going xxx

  4. Huge congratulations on all that you have achieved so far, I think your honest account is a fair perspective of normal life and the fact that you are constantly striving and learning is all good. I would love to visit your pub in the future with my family and love your Instagram account showing the fantastic food and other little details that make your pub stand out from the typical over comercialised pubs that are around nowadays. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and lots of success for your future. ������

  5. You've done the bravest thing of all and I'm sure by doing things your way, you'll all be the better for it. It would be lovely to read the full story of how your lives have changed...I'll wait for the next installment! x

  6. You are so bloody brave and brilliant!
    Dodgy generators and selfish customers are tiny, temporary pimples on the gorgeous face that is The Daneway (sorry that was a terrible metaphor).
    We just love coming to visit <3

  7. Emma - after reading this post all that I could think to do is wrap my arms about you. Words simply didn't come. How spectacularly honest you are. And, no one can doubt the challenges which have been set out before you, many of these anticipated while others not. You have opted into a profession/lifestyle which taps into your creativity, business acumen, congeniality, patience, diplomacy while still being a "mum." Think of the new disciplines your boys are learning along side of you by doing and observing. Your noble post provides for you as much as your readers a calculated evaluation, a soul-searching. It is my hope that by dealing us all in so-to-speak with your frank conversation, we might become a source of strength, a sounding board, unofficial partners. Oh how I truly wish we could be your patrons. Someday. Dreams do come true.
    with admiration,
    Linda in Burke, VA, USA

    1. Hi Linda - such lovely words, thank you so much. I do hope one day to meet you person. Sending all good wishes this christmas, Emma x

  8. I wish we could visit your lovely pub! Congratulations on taking a leap forward- there is such bravery in shaking up one's life! All the best from Vancouver, Canada!


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