Tuesday, 18 October 2016


My annual tradition inspired many years ago by Hula Seventy to put together a list capturing things I'd like to do during my forty-second year before I reach forty-three *sobs at how old I'm getting*
  1. Practice yoga each week
  2. Stay at Ty Donkey in Wales 
  3. Plant a kitchen garden
  4. Make a Galette des Rois 
  5. Press our apples & make apple juice
  6. Runaway with the circus 
  7. Take the youngest horse riding 
  8. Visit my aunty's grave even though I find it hard 
  9. Make a scarecrow
  10. Weave a blanket 
  11. Take the boys ice skating 
  12. Learn to identify umbellifers 
  13. Make sloe gin
  14. Swim under a Welsh waterfall 
  15. Organise an outdoor cinema night 
  16. Plant a bean tipi
  17. Visit Harp Cottage in Wales
  18. Make a toy whale out of an old pair of jeans
  19. Catch a snowflake 
  20. Learn to play the ukelele 
  21. Stargaze 
  22. Make an owl box from an old tea chest
  23. Go paddleboarding  
  24. Grow dark dahlias 
  25. Film a series of campfire conversations with people that inspire me
  26. Rejoin the library and read more books
  27. Make a gingerbread house 
  28. Carve a wooden spoon 
  29. Declutter the house properly! 
  30. Enjoy my edible seed collection from The New Almanac
  31. Go camping in the bell tent 
  32. Read Romeo & Juliet with my eldest and hope I remember it from my schooldays and can impart some wisdom (may have to resort to Baz Lurhmanns film)
  33. Visit the Pig Hotel & have a treatment in the potting shed
  34. Watch the final series of Mad Men 
  35. Volunteer my time for a good cause 
  36. Make an honesty shop
  37. Get away from it all at Top of Lane Cottage 
  38. Bake a loaf of bread each week 
  39. Illustrate some of our favourite walks 
  40. Go for an adventure on a steam train
  41. Make snow lollies 
  42. Don't look back, keep moving forwards 


  1. Happy birthday. A great list, as always.

  2. Runaway with the circus... that's my favorite! Wish you a wonderful birthday!


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