Thursday, 31 March 2016


I love a backpack and have always favoured backpacks over baby bags since having children nearly 13 years ago. Before children I would only use a backpack when off on an adventure but now they are my 'mum uniform' of choice and I would consider myself quite an expert. When you have children you carry everything; extra layers that come on and off, some sweets for motivational and tricky negotiation situations and carrying cameras to record every single moment (as if you don't capture the moment it just might not have happened, right?) I also like to keep my hands free too for holding hands with the three year old or even carrying him on my shoulders!

So when cool and ethically minded company Millican asked me to try out one of their backpacks last weekend and take part in their Easter competition, I jumped at the chance. We packed our ruckpack, the 'Smith' 18L roll pack for a hearty walk, remembering the camera, blanket, dog poo bags as we were looking after a friend's dog, jumpers as it was one of those deceptively sunny spring days that can change so quickly, water bottle, phones, sweets and a camera. The rucksack easily stored everything and had some really good internal pockets to organise everything, better still the bag is made from organic canvas and 57% of the material is recycled!

It is by far the most comfortable bag I've ever carried and we put it to the test by climbing the highest hill we could find on an Easter foraging walk. I love the plain design, lack of seams and roll top with aluminium buckles and it looks really good too.

I might not be the self-sufficient Lake District legend that Millican Dalton was (who the company is named after) who made his own organic clothes, rucksacks and tents but as a busy mum with a passion for getting outdoors I hope that my everyday adventures in raising my three boys results in them being deep-thinking and conscientious just like Millican Dalton was and they have plenty of adventures of their own.

For more 'mum uniform' inspiration take a look at my Stylish Mum Pinterest board.

disclosure: Millican sent us a Smith 18L roll pack to test. 

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