Thursday, 4 February 2016


I watch my three boys and how they interact with each other and often wonder how birth order will shape their lives. I parent them differently too, I'd be lying if I said I didn't. I've learned how to be a parent through the eldest, he is the one that tests boundaries, whereas the youngest gets away with murder!

My eldest child was the one that I'd check that he was still breathing in the middle of the night and make purees from only the best organic fruit and veg! Firstborns are said to be confident and assertive, the leaders of the pack they are supposedly organised and reliable.

When the second child came along I was much more relaxed as a parent. Of course he wasn't the youngest for long and with a new baby bother he now has the position of middle child! A middle child is meant to be a people-pleaser, with many friends and a rebellious stubborn streak, this is certainly true of mine.

The lastborn child being brought up in a more relaxed way is thought to be fun loving and have more freedom but also attention seeking and self-centered. It's a little early to tell if this is true of my youngest but he certainly has just started to act the fool to get smiles from his older brothers.

I don't know whether their birth order will affect them as they get older but sometimes it helps me to understand them, their arguments and their frustrations.

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