Sunday, 14 February 2016



With the prospect of another grey, wet weekend ahead we decided on whim to get out and go adventuring. We had heard great things about Oxford University's Natural History Museum, so decided to get up early and explore Oxford. 

As parking is difficult and expensive in Oxford we used the park and ride service that cost £2 to park and £2.40 return on the bus for adults, children go free. On arriving in the city we sought out the Turl Street Kitchen as recommended by Karen for hot chocolates and croissants, it was lovely and I'd certainly recommend too. 

We darted through the drizzle and past the many walking tours taking in the University's many colleges, to find the rather grand Victorian built Museum on Parks Road. The Natural History Museum was so much better than we imagined, packed full of dinosaurs skeletons, fossils and even a dodo skeleton! It is housed in the most beautiful building with a glass roof supported by huge cast iron pillars, bathing the exhibits in natural light. 

The Pitt Rivers Museum next door, contrasted beautifully in a dark and mysterious room, housing the archeological and anthropological collections of the University, our favourite was the case containing the shrunken heads - although the nine year old was a bit spooked by these!

We'd certainly recommend a trip to Oxford and the Natural History Museum, I think I even prefer it to London's Natural History Museum! 


  1. One of my favourite places in Oxford. My two little ones love the shrunken heads on display too! Laura x

  2. wow! this is wonderfull place. atracted...
    thanks for the share


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