Friday, 29 January 2016


I rarely buy any beauty products and I'm incredibly brand loyal having spent years finding ones that suit my skin! There are a few staples in my make up bag such as Dr. Hauschka's Rose Light Day Cream, it's an expensive moisturiser at £29 for 30ml but it's the only product I've ever found that keeps my skin from turning into a red blotchy mess each winter and I justify the cost in the saving of the hundreds of lotions and potions that I'd buy that would never work! I also adore REN products, since having a treatment at the Montpellier Chapter Spa in Cheltenham, they always have offers and a loyalty programme and the products last forever, my favourite is the glycolactic radience renewal mask which is a bit of a mouthful to pronounce but the effects are awesome!  

This week the lovely folks at Green People have sent me through some skin care essentials for mums on the run which I am super excited about. Green People are sensitive skin specialists and make natural and organic beauty products for the whole family. The products I'm trying out are their volumising mascara £14.75, lip primer £13.00 and tinted DD moisteriser £36. 

I would never buy a lip primer but this one has instantly impressed me, moisturising my dry weather-chapped lips for hours, it is clear but makes the lips look fuller when applied and the candelilla, carnauba and baobab makes it smell divine! I am never without a mascara and if I don't wear eye make up all I ever get is comments from people asking if I look alright! So am a big fan of black eyeliner and mascara even if it isn't the most fashionable look of the moment, it makes me feel better and this one certainly does that. With a stubby brush it's really easy to get good coverage and control with the wand so I am delighted and would certainly buy again as it is heaps better than my current mascara.

I am also a huge tinted moisteriser fan preferring a more natural look than using a foundation and keeping my dry skin moisterised. The one I currently use just comes in one colour but Green People have given me three colour samples to choose from to find just the right match for my freckly skin! I do have plenty of imperfections so I'll be making sure that it gives me enough cover for the odd chocolate-induced pimple too. I love the fact that you can order the testers online as I find it an expensive mistake to get wrong. 

Thank you Green People for sending me such fab samples to review, I'll let you know how I get on!

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