Saturday, 16 January 2016


This morning as I lay in a darkened room holding two smooth basalt stones whilst enjoying a hot stone massage, all I could think about was a book I'd read which told the story of someone in years gone by taking a small piece of coal from the fire, wrapping it in a handkerchief and tucking it into a coat pocket to keep warm!

There was something quite soothing about holding a hot stone and after a few days of wintery aches and pains to be cocooned in the subterranean spa at Montpellier Chapter Spa and receive the new hot stone treatment was just what I needed as it tried to snow outside.

At first to be massaged by stones felt a little peculiar, different but in a good way. Sophie, the therapist seamlessly swapped the stones using large ones to work larger areas of the body down to tiny ones that she placed between my toes to encourage energy flow. The warmth and pressure seemed to permeate my poor neglected body and relaxed my knots and muscles more effectively than any other massage I've experienced before. She methodically worked around my back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, décolleté and stomach using REN products for a luxurious 90 minutes leaving me deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

The spa is situated in the Montpellier Chapter Hotel in the heart of regency Cheltenham and is keeping alive the spa town's tradition of health and well being. In 1716, mineral rich waters were discovered in Cheltenham and people would travel from far and wide to 'take the waters' in the pump room. A town full of tree-lined regency splendor soon grew around this tourism trade, with squares of grand terraces built around beautiful gardens all surrounded by green Cotswold Hills.

The hotel has a contemporary interior, with large comfortable lounges, a lovely old conservatory, huge art canvases on the walls and a cool restaurant with a delicious new British menu, I can understand why this is a really popular hotel. Luckily I am local and can pop-in for coffee, an evening meal or a spa treatment whenever I fancy and now having been issued with a loyalty card I certainly will reward myself with some 'me time' a little more often.

*I was invited to try out the new hot stone treatment by Montpellier Chapter Spa, for more information about this and any other REN treatment please visit

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