Wednesday, 30 December 2015


There's a lovely tradition near where we live, where each Christmas local dog walkers' decorate a tree on the common. The dog walkers' tree as it's known sits on Rodborough Common above Stroud and for years has been decorated with tinsel and baubles each Christmas. The lovely thing is that it's not just decorations on the tree but memories and pictures of dogs who enjoyed their daily walks here. Underneath the tree there is a big plastic tub where people leave donations of pet food for the local animal shelter. It's quite a sight to see on the common but somehow very beautiful and a fitting way to remember mans' best friend.

After our visit to the tree we walked (although a certain someone was carried!) across the common to Winstones Ice Cream that, despite the gale outside, was bursting with walkers enjoying an ice cream break. I loved their seasonal Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream and may have indulged along with the boys, well it is Christmas after all!

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