Thursday, 3 December 2015


A few weeks ago I was delighted to do a bit of behind the scenes 'prop-styling' for BBC Countryfile's Christmas Special. Don't worry it's not a new venture, I was busy with my day job for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and helping my colleague Rosie, who was being filmed with our President Ellie Harrison.

We were making a bird seed wreath, a great alternative Christmas wreath that you can hang in your garden for the birds, you can get a free guide on the Wildlife Watch website, but here's how we made our Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust one!

You will need

twigs, willow or hazel to make a hoop
pine cones
holly/mistletoe/yew/greenery from the garden
floristry wire or string
bird seed
dried aprocots
grated cheese/breadcrumbs


Twist the willow into a hoop and use the wire to secure if needed. If you use it soon after cutting it will be bendy enough to twist around itself and weave the ends in.

Attach the floristry wire around the pinecones, leaving enough to tie them on to the hoop.

Mix the lard, bird seed, sultanas and grated cheese/breadcrumbs together into a pliable mix and squash into the pine cones and attach them to the hoop.

Thread the apricots and sultanas onto a piece of wire into 'flowers' and attach to the hoop.

Finally add some greenery, even holly and mistletoe if you have it in your garden, to offer the blue tits, great tits and the finches some cover whilst they feed. You will also notice thrushes and blackbirds will pick up the bits that are dropped to the ground too.

Finally tie a piece of string to the hoop and hang in your garden to enjoy!

The BBC Countryfile Christmas special is due to air on Sunday 20th December, we'll be watching our wreath being made and it being given as a present.

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  1. What a wonderful idea - making something lovely that the birds can enjoy too.


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