Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Lake & Infinity Pool © Soho Farmhouse

Having dipped my toe tentatively back into the world of wild swimming again this year, next year I'd like to challenge myself and do a lot more. So at a time of year when the weather is gloomy and my new 2016 diary is shouting at me to fill its crisp white pages, what better than to plan days of wild swimming adventures? Here are my top ten places where I want to go wild swimming in 2016; 

1. In a Snowdonian lake with Vivienne Rickman-Poole. I've never met Vivienne but I have followed her on Instagram for years as she swims throughout the year in the icy lakes of Snowdonia. She captures the most emotive under water shots that are both beautiful and a photographic diary of all the lakes she swims in, not sure she'd want to swim with an amateur like me who takes half an hour to inch into cold water though!

2. In the middle of the City. I loved swimming in the middle of King's Cross, London and the swimming pond closes at the end of 2016, so make the most of it I say!

3. Under a Welsh waterfall in the Brecon Beacons.

4. With the pirates at Prussia Cove. I love Cornwall and discovered this hidden gorgeous pebbly cove a few years ago whilst on a foraging walk and have dreamed about going back ever since. I am hoping that 2016 will see our return to Cornwall where we can wild swim in the sea every morning!

5. At Dancing Ledge in Dorset, a man-made tide filled pool on the Isle of Purbeck.

6. I want to hire a Morris traveller, wear my flowery vintage style swimming cap and travel back in time to the decadence of the Lido! I am blessed to live near two gorgeous Lido's so will certainly be using these to improve my swimming before heading out on more challenging swimming adventures.

7. Grantchester Meadows with the Bloomsbury set! You may have to avoid the punts in Cambridge, but the beautiful meadows outside the city are a perfect place to swim and generations of students have done just that. Afterwards take tea in The Orchard, a Cambridge institution.

8. The mighty River Thames used to be lined with swimming clubs, platforms and pontoons as social bathing became popular. Between the towns and villages there are lots of places to get an otters' eye view of the world.

9. At the Cowshed Spa at Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire (pictured above) where they have a heated pool in a lake, this place is where all the cool kids go and I really want to go too!

10. The River Dart in Devon, recommended on the Wild Swimming website.


  1. Oooo. Lovely planning post. I'm interested in dappling a bit more with wild swimming. Wouldn't the cowshed one be lovely to try!

  2. I am quite taken by the idea of the heated pool in the lake at the Cowshed - the photo looks gorgeous. That would do me for starters. Thanks for the inspiration!


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