Monday, 16 November 2015


I helped out lovely Lou on Saturday evening and waitressed at The Sisterhood Winter Supper. It was a magical evening of twinkly candles, flower crowns and laughter whilst the rain drizzled outside the gorgeous big industrial windows. Lou is planning lots of creative retreats, workshops and and suppers for women around the country, so sign up to the mailing list to be the first to find out about the next events. It was lovely to meet the guests in person, some of whom I had followed on their blogs for years!

Whilst we helped set the table and serve the food, the ladies took part in calligraphy workshops and made the most gorgeous flower crowns before sitting down to eat together. I loved Hannah's table styling and am going to lay my table on Christmas Day just like this as it was so beautiful. 

The Forge was the most enchanting venue with exposed brick walls and gorgeous spiral staircases. It has just been renovated and there are lots of exciting workshops and events planned here in the heart of Bristol.

The lovely Claire Thomson of 5 O'clock Apron (pictured below with stylist Hannah) produced the most delicious three course meal and she'll soon be sharing her recipes on the Toast Travels blog, I'll add the link here when she does. 

The Sisterhood Winter Seasonal Supper was created by Lou Archell, and was organised by her as part of Sisterhood Camp. It was held at the Forge, in association with Toast . Styling was by Hannah Bullivant, using products by Toast,  Linen Me  and Lights for Fun. The chef was Claire Thomson of 5 o'clock Apron. The evening was documented by photographer and filmmaker Xanthe Berkeley. There were workshops by Quill London (calligraphy) and Erin Trezise (floristry). Cathy Jolliffe was the designer.

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  1. Love you mrs! Thanks so much for all your help, smiles and great spirits. I want you at every event!!! xxx


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