Sunday, 25 October 2015


I had the great pleasure of working with BBC TV Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison a few weeks ago to make a film for our new hedgehog awareness campaign at work. She is our president, a keen conservationist and is as clever as she is beautiful, a joy to work with.

The campaign we were working on was the launch of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's Gloucestershire Hedgehogs in Decline report which states that we must all do something as hedgehog populations are suffering a huge decline. It is a bit of a shocker really as these enchanting creatures are disappearing from right under our noses. In Gloucestershire we've put together an online map so people can tell us when they see one (dead or alive!) and also record if they haven't seen one in their gardens as the gaps are just as important.

Already there are over 600 sightings which is amazing and will give us an understanding of where they in the county. We are also asking people to leave gaps under fences in their gardens to create hedgehog highways, not to use slug pellets and pesticides and to put out cat food and water if they've got a hedgehog - never bread and milk for example as we can all do something. It's a really great campaign and has been launched at the most pertinent time as bonfire night is only a few weeks away and it's important to check your bonfire for hibernating hedgehogs before you light them.

This week, is Wild About Gardens Week so visit the Wildlife Trusts website to find out about your local Wildlife Trust and how you can get involved and if you live in Gloucestershire we need you to add your sighting or non-sighting to our website. Thank you x


  1. Wow lucky you to have such an inspiring President at your Trust! I saw my first hedgehog in years the other day, sadly dead in a Co-Op car park but I've recorded it just the same and it sounds as though they are more common in the town than the countryside anyway. I'm also printing out information to put up so that people can follow the advice of how to make life easier for them. Antonia x

    1. So lovely to hear from you Antonia, yes we are so lucky, Ellie is lovely and such a great ambassador for the natural world, Emma x


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