Wednesday, 23 September 2015


We've just come back from The Good Life Experience in North Wales. The Good Life, if you haven't heard of it, is a small festival founded by Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, Cerys Matthews and Steve Abbot, which celebrates the good old days of culture, food and the great outdoors. It is in fact less of a festival and more of a party with all our favourite people and we spent most of the weekend catching with friends.  

It has grown considerably from last year but still retained a warm and friendly atmosphere with loads of little touches that make it utterly charming; the vintage canvas tents, bunting, flowers in jam jars and a whisky shack in the woods!

We caught up with our lovely friend Cerys who was so busy welcoming everyone, introducing guests and even singing with the band on Saturday evening. I don't where she gets the energy from as I was worn out chasing the three year old about, who was in a very tired tiz this weekend so apologies to those camped near us!

The Cuban band on Saturday evening were amazing and followed by Big Boss Man who had everyone dancing, although I spent most of the evening in the fun fair field with the boys to be honest, thank goodness the music was loud so I could hear!

There were lots of things to get involved in, from talks and demo's over the campfire to the lovely Jennie Maizels sketchbook club for the kids and a fabulous vintage cycle ride with some very dapper ladies and gents from Eroica Britannia.

I can't wait for next year already - although I will get there a lot earlier and pitch the tent in a better place!

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