Monday, 24 August 2015


I hate indoor soft play centres, I would put them all in Room 101 if I could, I'm sorry but I do. I think it's the noise that I can't stand, as they are always in big bunkers of buildings and the background noise just amplifies in the space. Anyway enough of my moaning as I've found one that has changed my opinion. 

Freedog Urban Activity Centre is based on a trading estate in Swindon and is bang on the current free-running/parkour trend that my boys love and secretly I think is pretty amazing too (even if I wince every time they climb a wall!) It is basically a huge unit covered with trampolines and foam pits, with slam dunk and dodge ball courts too. 

We were greeted by warm friendly staff who issued us with our pre-booked socks (you all wear the same non-slip socks) and showed us the lockers. We sat through a ten minute safety film about how to bounce without breaking your legs, arms or neck, no double bouncing or head first dives into the foam pits (we signed a waiver form too *gulp!*) The boys were then ready to free-run and practice their parkour somersaults in a safe environment. 

The Freedog design is trendy with shipping containers and huge festoon lights used to divide the huge industrial unit, creating a snack shack, briefing area and check in/office areas. The coffee was perfect while I watched their capers and snacks included healthier options, my boys both enjoyed a tuna and salad wrap for £1, with slushy drink and ice cream of course! 

It costs £10 for an hour of open bounce and in this wet weather was fully booked really quickly and socks cost £2 but you get to keep them for next time. So it's not the cheapest entertainment but is great for a range of ages, unfortunately Stanley is too young as you need to be 5 years old to participate. 

I quite fancy a go myself but after watching the boys I'm not sure I could keep up for a whole hour but it would be great fun and good exercise. 

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  1. Oh goodness that looks amazing. My husband showed my 6 year old a You Tube video of Will Sutton on the Isle of Man and since then I have had to put up with him trying to climb and jump over most of my house. I am trying to convince him that he should start gymnastics but this looks like so much fun!


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