Sunday, 16 August 2015


After a long and full time week at work it's the weekend and we're looking forward to some much needed rest to recharge our batteries and doing the following,

  1. Some lie in's or 'lions' as the little one calls them
  2. A trip to the Farmers' Market to buy flowers, fruit and veg. 
  3. I have become slightly obsessed with Tin Tabernacles & might try and pursuede the boys to incorporate some corrugated iron on their treehouse.  
  4. It's blackberry picking time which makes me ridiculously happy as I love blackberries!
  5. Am going to book a paddle boarding lesson - it's all the rage don't you know? 
  6. We're going to do some moss graffiti 
  7. Find wild carrot flowers growing - my favourite wild flower 
  8. Love this idea to pin prick a photograph
  9. Listening to The Beatles Across the Universe over & over again
  10. Enjoy some outdoor swimming 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emma, just noticed this post and thought if you like tin tabernacles then check out - my brother-in-law and his partner create the most fabulous tin huts. They are all built to a different bespoke design and because of the pitched roof they offer much more space than a traditional shepherd's hut. Antonia x


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