Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The boys went to circus school last week, learning to juggling, trapeze and hoops. They really enjoyed it and as a circus themed treat we booked a family trip to Giffords Circus at the end of the week with friends. 

Obviously a circus picnic, deserved a circus cake so I made a raspberry sponge layer cake. A basic sponge cake with layers of raspberries and a cream/mascarpone filling, it was delicious and I topped it off with a little bunting for decoration.

We chose the evening performance so the lights were twinkly and magical when we emerged from the show at the end of the night. The boys were a bit tired but it was worth it.

The show was truly magical and despite having seen the show without the children early in the season, watching it with them is just the best as they watch in wonder and delight, captivated by the amazing acts and laughing at their favourite Tweedy the Clown.

The show has just been extended to the end of September so you have plenty of time to visit, or if you're like us, go for a second time!

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  1. My boys are still running around shouting "I've got a looolly" every now & again! :-)


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