Monday, 13 July 2015


I first heard the word 'Curglaff' via Lottie, she's a bit of a wordsmith and reposted something on twitter that caught my eye! The word curglaff means 'the shock felt when one first plunges into cold water' - who knew there was actually a word and doesn't it describe the feeling perfectly?

I've loved wild swimming for a long time but hardly get any time to do any anymore. My lovely friend B however, has been completely awesome and last year trained and swam the great north swim, in the freezing cold lakes on her own! So inspired by her, I am going to get training and join her in one of her swims. There are lots throughout the country, so I'm going to train this year ready for 2016 as I really am starting from scratch as not only do I have no experience I also have a pretty poor 'I don't want to get my face wet' swimming technique!

We celebrated our new 'curglaff club' with a wild swim in the new swimming lakes at The Glove Factory Studios, Holt in Somerset on a lovely hot summer's evening last week. The evening was hosted by Daniel Start, author of the Wild Swimming books and the newly opened Sam's Kitchen did an amazing apré swim bbq. It was a lovely dip and a perfect start for our swimming journey!

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  1. That looks lovely, Im yet to embark on a wild swim, not sure sea swimming counts!


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