Wednesday, 15 July 2015


We have made our list of all the fun things that we'd like to do together as a family this summer and rather ceremoniously pinned it to the fridge. A couple of day trips, camping in the bell tent a train ride to London, mainly simple things and lots of free fun stuff too. Although as a working mum I don't have six weeks of holiday to look forward to, I do take most of my annual leave in the school holidays so have just slightly over three weeks and luckily grandma covers the rest with a few clubs/play dates along the way.

Summer always highlights my desire to lead a simple life, making jam, enjoying walks and swimming in outdoor pools. The ordinary things in life tinted in sunshine. Obviously the reality is often days of rain and bickering children! But I can dream and it helps that we all have things to look forward to, as these are the days that a lifetime of memories are made from.


  1. I love it...we have borrowed a dog for 2 weeks... I think I envisioned famous five but we have had lots of arguments as to who holds the lead

  2. Great minds think alike Emma - I made and stuck up our bucket list yesterday afternoon as elder son finished school at lunchtime! Younger one still has 3 days to go so he is not happy. :-( This is a year of big change for us as Wednesday will bring primary school being over and done with for ever so we are determined to make this a really special summer! :-)


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