Sunday, 21 June 2015


I've had a hectic week and it's been more difficult to make time in my life for nature, but I've sort of managed it for at least five out of seven days! The week started with a trip to London, which I thought would be really hard but I ended seeing red kites flying over Reading railway station then walking through the leafy streets of north London with Cerys Matthews who showed me walnut trees, garden squares hidden between the houses and eating cherries from trees! 

Day 15: Make petal perfume! I remember doing this as a child and giving my mum squashed rose petals in glass bottles. It always smelt like compost though, but she was far too polite to say! 

Day 16: A bit of a hectic day at work meant that I didn't manage anything today, but my head was filled with the rooftops of Portobello Road and the greenery springing out from them.  

Day 17: Read a map

Day 18: Have lunch outside

Day 19: Follow a path we've never followed before

Day 20: We were meant to be going for a wild swim but the heavens opened so just dashed out in between the downpours

Day 21: Midsummer crowns for the Solstice

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  1. Happy belated solstice, interesting to see what variety you've had over the week. I used to live near Portobello market and loved to stroll amongst the fruit and veg stalls, whilst dipping into the antiques and collectables. I think my heart is in Cornwall now, but I still love a slice of London life.

    I love the way your images fit the month of June so well. Antonia x


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