Wednesday, 13 May 2015


1. The blossom on the blackthorn is first to bloom in the hedgerows, quickly followed by hawthorn and cherry blossom.

2. The birds sing loudly at dawn and dusk in the most beautiful chorus. Soon they nest, if we're lucky, in the boxes in our garden to raise their chicks.

3. Air balloons appear in the evening sky like baubles in the air!

4. The days get warmer and once again I can be found on my annual forage in the bottom of my wardrobe looking for a matching pair of sandals, before realising my feet could do with a pedicure!

5. Swifts and swallows return on their annual summer migration from Africa to screech around towns and villages.

6. Cow parsley explodes along country lanes, luring me with its beauty.

7. Honey bees buzz around the flowers collecting nectar to take to the hive and make honey, the taste of summer.

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