Sunday, 5 April 2015


Each Easter we make an Easter tree using a few branches from our twisted hazel tree in the garden. Using vegetables we dye a mixture of white, green and brown blown eggs with red cabbage, red onion skins and purple sprouting. It's really easy, you boil the vegetable of choice add a good glug of vinegar (I used the vinegar left over from our Christmas pickled onions!) then leave to cool. We then pop the liquid with the eggs into Kilner jars in the fridge overnight.

My favourite dye is using red cabbage which produces a gorgeous deep blue. It's a great way for the children to experiment (or should I say 'egg'speriment?) To hang them on the tree a snap a match in half tie a bit of thread around it and carefully push it through the hole we made to blow out the contents, it then wedges itself width-ways to enable you to hang it. 

Of course we still eat tonnes of chocolate ones too of course!


  1. What an amazing colour, it's wonderful. We've collected some gorse flowers recently which produced a lovely yellow. Have to watch the thorns though! I love the tip of how to hang them up - clever. I hope you're having a good Easter break. CJ xx

  2. I adore the simplicity of your tree Emma. Mine is made of wild cherry plum and blackthorn blossom but your twisted hazel branches and home-dyed eggs are spare and beautiful. I rather prefer them


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