Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I have been following Sian, the founder of Fforest on Instagram for years, she was one of the first Instagrammers I followed, enticing me with pictures of her gorgeous life. Her pictures give you a taste of the wonderful holiday destination that has attracted numerous bloggers and Instagrammers to stay. And this Easter we holidayed at Fforest for the first time and got to jump headfirst into Sian's gorgeous pictures.

Sian and her husband James, moved back to her childhood home of Wales with their four young boys, you can read about their inspiring move here. They bought Fforest and have created a camping holiday with a difference across three sites, near Cardigan.

We stayed in a crogloft, which with its underfloor heating, large walk-in shower and warm welsh blankets was really luxurious. The uniqueness of the croglofts and in fact all the Fforest accommodation are the outdoor camp kitchens and dining tables, with obligatory enamelware and gorgeous bunches of flowers.

There is even a little pub, the Bwythn, the oldest building onsite and lovingly restored. It sells Welsh beer and whiskey, I *may* have sampled many a bottle of the enchantedly named Tipsy Tup pale ale, which was delicious.

Fforest is 500 acres of Welsh woodland and meadow, brimming with bluebells, ferns and twisted ash trees covered in lichen. It is perfect for children to roam and play to their hearts content, rising with the dawn chorus and collapsing exhausted into bed after many an adventure with new found friends.

There is even a Canadian oak barrel sauna onsite and the other accommodation includes domes, tipi's and camping shacks all with wood burners inside to keep you warm at night.

We needed this holiday so much, to spend time as a family away from the distractions of work and wifi. When the children talked, we spent time listening and playing with them, reconnecting and laughing.

We made Welsh cakes on the griddle, enjoyed a pizza night with Tom Herbert, delighted in novelty of the huge toaster at breakfast in the lodge each morning, discovered a secret beach, played with friends, learnt to play Uno, shared in a delicious communal supper of marinated lamb, walked to the river and nature reserve next door, sweated in the sauna. 

All the simple things that are so important in life, to reconnect and to press the reset button. 


  1. Beautiful. It makes me so happy to know that you have been there and experienced the magic of fforest for yourselves. We think of it often and will probably make a special trip to visit there on our next trip to the UK! x

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect! Gorgeous photos. I would love to go to Fforest one day.

  3. Pour daughter and family visit fforest regularly and we spent a day there with them last year, I can fully understand why it is so successful it is beautiful as are your photos

  4. Oh goodness me, looks like a perfect trip! What a lovely idea, those welsh cakes look delicious too! ;)

  5. Beautiful photographs, it looks so calm. I was just wondering if living this simply has inspired you with your decluttering at all? I love looking at the images of the Fforest and really will have to go soon but for now it has inspired me to just live simply as best as I can without all of the clutter in our lives. I do fight with this simple concept though.


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