Sunday, 8 March 2015


So after working crazily through the week my weekend usually involves piles of washing, house cleaning and driving boys to football/rugby/cricket matches/practice! We did manage to do some baking as the little man requested raspberry cake today as he loves raspberries, so we made Rachel Khoo's madeleine recipe from Little French Kitchen. Right off for an early night before the week starts all over again.


  1. Such concentration! It looks like he really enjoyed making those. No doubt the eating of them was enjoyed too. Have a good week Emma. CJ xx

  2. Hi Emma,
    I love your posts and especially the photos of your 3 boys. My little granddaughter is now 27mths old and I did my first baking session with her over Valentine's weekend. We made heart-shaped scones and she was so excited - it's the simplest things that please them the most. Her Mummy + Daddy both work and, although Grandma works full time as well, I have two very understanding bosses who have got quite used to me asking for a days holiday on a Friday so I can head north to spend time with our Lilly (they live in Lancashire)! They grow up far too fast,
    Ellen Boylin
    Fat Fairy Jewellery

  3. I love Little French Kittchen such good recipes, them photos are so cute, looks like ur little one done a good job!


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