Sunday, 15 March 2015


A bouquet of feathers for mothering Sunday, found on our walk today around Miserden Village and Estate. We met good friends for a muddy wander around the beautiful estate, the boys predictably waded through the stream, whilst overhead a buzzard mewing loudly was being flocked by a pair of 'cronking' ravens who didn't want this bird of prey near their nesting site!

We stopped for a hot chocolate as it was still quite chilly and made some arrow tracks for the boys to follow.

Miserden House is an impressive 17th Century manor house with carpets of snowdrops on the lawns.

Most of the village houses are owned by the estate and houses are rented on a long-term basis to local people who contribute to village life, there aren't any holiday homes here. We ended up in the Carpenters Arms a proper local pub at the heart of the village, there was even a tuck shop at one end of the bar with pick and mix sweets and a landlord who entertained the children with magic tricks! 


  1. What a lovely place, it sounds like you all had a wonderful day. CJ xx

  2. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful area where the architecture and nature complement each other so well. Antonia x


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