Sunday, 18 January 2015



We had a light sprinkling of snow this weekend, but unfortunately not enough to go sledging - boooo! But my snowdrops have flowered so I've brought them into the house to cheer the place up a bit! Soon they'll be flowering in the roadside verges around where I live. There are two spectacular gardens that have blankets of snowdrops in the Cotswolds; The Rococo Garden in Painswick and Colesbourne Park  near Cheltenham. I recommend a visit as the garden are beautiful and the snowdrops only flower for a short time from now.


  1. Sweet, I don't have many snowdrops, I must start adding to the collection!

  2. Thank you so much for your recommendation of Rococo Gardens, we had a lovely family visit there on Saturday. The snowdrops were wonderful!

    1. I'm so pleased, thank you for letting me know - I'm hoping to go this weekend, Emma x


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