Sunday, 4 January 2015


Our bread baking challenge fell by the wayside last year in the hum-drum of family life, but I am determined to get back on track and bake a loaf each week in 2015. To me baking bread is somehow symbolic of that simple, wholesome family life I crave and am trying to carve for our family. To embed the ritual of baking then sharing around the table each week is one that I will once again try this year. We've started this morning making some white rolls to accompany some homemade pea and ham soup for lunch. Here's to a new year of bread baking adventures!

FYI: If you fancy joining in too, on Instagram there is a big community of beginner bread bakers sharing their journey using #52loavesproject


  1. Home baked bread is in a league of its own isn't it. I shall enjoy seeing what you come up with. CJ xx

  2. Ive just blogged about our year in bread making, I just can't buy bread anymore, Id rather go without or have our local bakery bread than ever touch that 'Plastic' bread!!! Keep going Emma x

  3. Homemade anything is always more fulfilling. There's something special about sharing fresh bread around the table, though... Loving your bread baking plans!


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