Monday, 15 December 2014


I spent a really lovely afternoon learning how to sew a pair of knickers. The workshop took place at Atelier Stroud, a new space where you can take part in craft workshops from knickers to lampshade making or you can join as a member to use the wonderful workshop and its facilities. I've wanted to buy a sewing machine for ages, but I know I'll only ever get it out once in a while so this is the perfect solution, plus there are experts on hand to ask advice when you need it. 

The knicker making workshop was fab, run by knicker maker Rachel Prichard. All the equipment and materials were included and she guided us through step-by-step, from using an overlocker to sew the seams and gusset, then straight stitching in the elastic followed by a zig zag stitch to finish. Mine aren't perfect, I haven't used a sewing machine for ages, but it really didn't matter in such a relaxed environment and I soon had a pair of Liberty print pants to take home! Rachel also gave us a pack with templates in and more elastic so we can make our own at home too. 

I certainly want to make some more and have my eye on some of the husbands old shirts that he hasn't worn for years that would make perfect knickers! 


  1. They're brilliant, well done you. And I'm thrilled to have discovered Atelier in Stroud, maybe one day I'll manage to drop in. It looks really most inspirational. CJ xx

  2. I love these type of classes to learn a new skill and have instant gratification of a new garment!


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