Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I love old man's beard - the wild clematis plant not just any old mans' beard of course! It grows in hedgerows and I always notice it when the sun is low in the sky, illuminating the silver white flowers. I have brought in a single tendril and placed it in the brackets above the fire as well as using some to do a  twig weaving with.

The boys are forever bringing sticks home, so we were inspired on Saturday to do some some weaving as it was literally pouring with rain all day. We used some Y shaped twigs and knotted some string across the Y shape to make the 'warp' paying attention to getting a good firm tension without snapping the twigs. Then we chose different wool, I choose plain parcel string for the 'weft', to weave up and under the warp, the boys have chosen different colours for theirs. I love the plain, simple, texture and it was so easy to do.

I've popped it on the mantlepiece next to the twig I wove old man's beard around too for this months 'Styling the Seasons'.


  1. Stunning - it looks so effective. Simple twigs make such a great display x

  2. I love the simplicity of this, and the neutral shades too - beautiful.

  3. This is really wonderful, Emma. I love the colours and your beautiful use of nature. Thank you so much for taking part xx


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