Sunday, 3 August 2014


We have finally replaced the old bell tent with a whopping 5 metre bell tent, complete with inner rooms. I love it so much even if it does weigh as much as an elephant!

In our smaller bell tent when the boys were younger, I loved how we all slept together in a big line, but now they're getting older they like their own space and privacy, well as much privacy as you can get through a thin white wall anyway.

We gave it a quick road test this weekend after a roller-coaster of a week where a million thing went wrong!

Dog came too with his own sleeping bag, that I made years ago in the same Cath Kidston cowboy fabric as the boys sleeping bag. 

I also invested in a metal hook thing that attached to the middle pole really easily and was really handy for hanging up towels to dry.

Despite it being the shortest camping trip ever, it felt like a huge achievement to get away and we have discovered the most amazing campsite too. I'll be sharing more pics and details over the next week but it's late so bye for now.


  1. Congratulations on the upgrade! Your tent looks so lovely and cosy. I am dreaming of summer camping here in the snowy winter. x

  2. fantastic tent! I love camping!

  3. That tent is AMAZING!!!!

  4. I'm considering the inner, I like it being open, but think it would be nice to have a little space to ourselves sometimes. Those hooks are awesome aren't they? One of my favourite finds x

  5. Hi there, great blog! Can I ask where you buy those hooks for hanging your towels? I can't find them anywhere? thanks


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