Thursday, 7 August 2014


Campfires are just magical and at Farrs Meadow campsite there was a huge communal fire in a large fire bowl in the middle of the field, with large tree stumps circled around it. It was a magnet for the children to play around and adults to sit and talk, a fire really brings a campsite together. 

You know you've had a good fire when it's still smoldering the morning after, and as ours was still smoldering the morning after we thought we'd build it back up and have the first Farrs Meadow toasting championship! 

We raided the food bag for our slightly stale loaf and some homemade blackcurrant jam and then fashioned a leafy winners crown from a hazel twig!

Using pen knives, string and sticks that we found in the woodpiles the children competed to see who could invent the best toasting contraption. They came up with a dangly fishing rod, a very wobbly string bridge to balance the toast on and something that resembled a lacrosse racquet, but the good old fashioned two pronged stick was of course the best!

The judge was blindfolded and the toast was buttered and jammed for a taste test. He only ate a little corner not the whole slice.

It was quite a messy, jammy experience as you can imagine!

There were two winners in the end who both shared the hazel crown and are officially the first Farrs Meadow toast champions!

If you fancy camping here too you're in luck as the lovely chaps from Farrs Meadow have offered readers of Bradshaw & Sons a 20% discount on all bookings this season to the end of September that are made before the 15th August, please use the offer code FARRS20 when making your booking

Terms and Conditions: 
  1. Please like Farrs Meadow on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram
  2. The booking must be for a minimum of two nights
  3. This promotion is for bookings this season before 30th September 2014
  4. Bookings must be made by 15th August 2014

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