Saturday, 16 August 2014


I am hoping that I have written 'I need your help' in French above! I am just enchanted by all the wonderful images I see of France on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram so we've started to research French holidays for next year (2015). The boys have never been abroad, I last went in 1996, eighteen years ago and my husbands passport has expired so the first thing we have to do is apply for five passports which is £283 before we even set off!

So what we need are recommendations of the best places to go, I would love to stay somewhere traditional, where we can buy baguettes for breakfast. I'd love to go to Paris too. Or do you prefer Italy? I would love to hear your travel advice and recommendations.


  1. We've stayed here Emma.

    Fab beaches nearby, some lovely restaurants and a huge lake & nature reserve in the village (the house is in a little hamlet so you need to drive to buy the baguettes! )
    Highly recommend it!
    Have holidayed in France many times but mostly when I was younger. We always travelled with Cheltenham based VFB but they're a bit pricy now! Good info on areas though so check out their website.
    Whatever you choose, provided you don't mind driving abroad, I would always go through the tunnel & drive the other side rather than sit on a ferry for 7 hours! We did home to L'Orfeu in a day but you would need a Chambres d'hôte (B&B) for the Dordogne etc.
    More than happy to share my love of all things French & our French travel tips with you over a cuppa sometime if you like! :-)

  2. Hi! My favourite places are Provence, Bretagne and Paris. As we live in Barcelona, we can go to Provence by car in a few hours. The little towns in Provence have open air food markets and laid-back summer festivals. My favourite town is Isle sur la Sorgue (famous for its antique shops). I also love Bretagne and Normandie, and Mont Saint Michel, the food is great, but it's a bit too rainy, so, I'd just spend a few days, I need sunshine. Paris is the most expensive city I have ever been too, but it has so many charming things, like the puppets in the parks or the Marais, and L'as du fallabel, a fast food place where Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis used to go!
    I hope it helps! Enjoy your trip!

  3. We just stayed at in a wooden caravan, near Montreul-sur-mer (only one hour from Calais and lovely), near some super floristically great sand dune area (with eco tours suitable for families). Can email more info if you wish.

  4. Oh yes please... we have the same dream - you never know dreams do come true sometimes. My kids learn French as part of their school and we haven't been anywhere for a fair while, it makes sense. We have to stand in the passport queue as well, all our passports have expired... that is what is holding is back!!!

  5. having been to france a few times and just got back from Italy, I think I prefer Italy as it is just beautiful everywhere and we travelled very cheaply around Tuscany by train.


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