Wednesday, 6 August 2014


We have discovered a most lovely campsite called Farrs Meadow near Wimborne Minster in Dorset. It's a lovely small meadow surrounded by ancient trees overlooking the Stour Valley. There are compost toilets and showers in upcycled horse boxes and you can toast marshmallows on real fires in the fire bowl which is surrounded by stumps to sit on whilst you watch the sun go down. 

It's such a magical place, even the children do the washing up! Well when you wash up in old drinking troughs, it pretty much makes it a whole lot more fun!

Overhead buzzards nest in the tall trees, bunnies rustle in the hedgerows and glow worms shine their tiny lights in the long grass when it gets dark. We took our bat detector to see if we could see or hear any bats hunting at night and managed to capture a small clip below, you can hear the clicks from the bat detector picking up the bat's echolocation clicks and the more 'farty' noises are when the bat catches a moth, you can even see it fly off very faintly in the middle of the screen.

A short walk away is the picturesque meandering River Stour, where it is deep and wide and you can slip into its cold depths for a wild swim under the Eye Bridge

If you fancy camping here too you're in luck as the lovely chaps from Farrs Meadow have offered readers of Bradshaw & Sons a 20% discount on all bookings this season to the end of September that are made before the 15th August, please use the offer code FARRS20 when making your booking

Terms and Conditions: 
  1. Please like Farrs Meadow on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram
  2. The booking must be for a minimum of two nights
  3. This promotion is for bookings this season before 30th September 2014
  4. Bookings must be made by 15th August 2014


  1. Looks absolutely perfect ! I will be investigating :)

  2. Looks magical, will have to add to next yrs list x


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