Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Ever since my eldest started school I have looked forward to the summer holidays and can't wait for school to finish. This year, however, my eldest has left primary school and it feels like such a big step from the local village school to the big town secondary school five miles away that I haven't wanted the school year to end. He's loved primary school, and I've loved being part of his school life; volunteering when I can, helping with school trips and lifts to sporting events and watching him and his younger brother grow into such clever little chaps.

Big school feels like leaving the age of innocence behind as I won't be able to pop in to chat to his teacher, in fact I probably won't be able to keep up with which teacher he has for what! Big school feels quite daunting and whilst I am conscious of not saying any of this out loud so he too may worry, I am sure that wrapped up in his enthusiasm there are butterflies. One things for sure is that I need to make this a summer to remember and spend time together doing fun things.

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  1. Oh, your sons shirt looks just like my eldests - adorned by a 'sharpie'! I think we might have to frame ours - so many memories. Have a wonderful summer. We're just getting ready for our annual excursion to Gwithian (although have already been once this year). I'm sure we'll bump into each other one day. Still loving your blog, so useful for me as we seem to covet similar things & everything you write about is within my reach! Many many thanks to you & your lovely family. Emma A x


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