Saturday, 26 July 2014


We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world and take for granted the pretty villages and countryside nearby. It's quite ironic that the most expensive places to live in the Cotswold's were originally built for the local mill workers and farm labourers and were remote, cold and dark to live in, and often damp - I know I've lived in one!

This week we visited the picture postcard perfect village of Lower Slaughter, where a pint of beer in the village pub cost a whopping £4.75! We cooled ourselves down by buying ice creams and having a paddle in the Slaughter Brook that meanders through the village.

p.s. the tunic that I'm wearing is my old Next uniform from when I was a Saturday girl about 20 years ago! Am quite exited that I still fit into it, but quite sad that I have a load of clothes that are now THAT OLD! At least the hat was a more recent edition from Jigsaw.


  1. It looks so pitturesque. I'd love to take my family there one day. Thanks for the tip!
    A reader from Barcelona,
    A Bilingual Baby blog

  2. I love that your old Next uniform is still going strong! Well done for still fitting into it after 3 kids! :) X

  3. It looks like a beautiful village, and the paddling spot on the side of the pond is lovely. xx


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