Sunday, 13 July 2014


I thought I'd share with you my current favourite Instagrammers that I follow. You may already know that I'm shamelessly addicted to Instagram and most of my pictures that I use here are taken using the Instagram app. So here's my top 10 summer Instagrammers to follow (in no particular order and having left out many others!);

1. Courtney Adamo @courtneybabyccino 
I discovered Courtney, when she was a guest at the Blogtacular conference a few months ago and am addicted to her pictures of her four gorgeous children and equally gorgeous house, how I wish mine were that tidy!

2. Jo Hanlon-Moores @johanlonmoores
I am proud to call Jo a friend, she is the most beautiful soul and shares pictures of nature and her canine companions often on their early morning walks together. Hers are often the first pictures I see in the morning and are the perfect way to start the day.

3. Andrea @littlebuckles
Having moved from Britain to France, Andrea is living the life many of us dream about. Her pictures are of her French life with three gorgeous children, I dare you not to be enchanted!

4. Artemis Russell @junkaholique
Having followed Artemis' blog for a few years it was a natural progression to follow her adventures on Instagram. She blogs about her jewellry business, collecting vintage wares and camping with her very gorgeous family. 

5. Sarah Benton @lionstreetstore
Owner of the Lion Street Store in Rye, Sarah Benton is a stylist extraordinaire! Her vignettes of her home, store and holiday apartment are a masterclass in styling and my dream is for her to come and wave her magic wand over my home. 

6. Michelle Crawford @hugoandelsa
Another Instagrammer that I've followed in the land of blog for many years is Michelle. She lives in Tasmania and I love how our seasons are opposite, as we're getting ready for spring, she is hunkering down for autumn. Her food styling is beautiful as is her home.

7. Leonie Wise @leoniewise_
Another Instagrammer I'm delighted to call a friend. Leonie has recently moved back home, to an island in New Zealand, one day I will join her on one of her morning swims in the sea.

8. Sian Tucker @coldatnight
Sian is owner of Fforest in West Wales and shares glimpses of the campsite, weddings at Fforest and her own daily adventures. I love the beaches, enamel teapots, blankets, flowers in jars and home grown food as well as glimpses of the cutest little pub ever!

9. Rachelle @tedandagnes
Followers of Ted and Agnes are rewarded with a patchwork of colour from Rachelle's many makes, from lovely clothes to lovely lunches. Her studio alone will make you most envious!

10. Laura @circleofpines
I love Laura's table shots of her bread making adventures and weekly cake baking, always styled with a beautiful linen tea towel or fresh flowers, it inspires a simple life.

Who are your favourites, do share as I'm always excited to discover more?


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful list! I just joined Instagram and have been searching for ones like these :)

  2. Aw, thanks Emma! How exciting to make your list :) I thought I'd have a little read of your list, always up for discovering new Instagram faves... Didn't expect to find myself on it! Hope you've had a good weekend xx

  3. That was a lovely surprise. I'm going to check out the others xxx

  4. Thank you, Darling! The love is mutual of course : ) x

  5. I love 16house in Australia.

  6. ohhhh, what an honour to be included in your list. I am so looking forward to the day we can swim together here and have some other adventures too. I miss you terribly and being able to stay connected with you via your lovely instagram feed makes it feel like youre not so far away.


  7. My favourite at the moment is Porthjess. Her photos of central Bristol are beautiful. I was born and raised in South Bristol, but she shown me it in a new light. Well worth a look.
    Leanne xx

    1. Thanks Leanne, I'm off to take a look, Emma x

  8. I'm always looking for interesting new people to follow on Instagram, thanks so much for posting this list.

  9. Thank you Emma! I'm thrilled to be in such fine company! I've been daydreaming over all the summer insta photos lately and dreaming of eating berries and tomatoes and walking barefoot on a freshly mown lawn....


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