Wednesday, 23 July 2014


My eldest was born at the height of a summer heat wave, much like the one we're having at the moment. The local fields we full of barley ready for an early harvest, where swifts screeched across the sky and beautiful blue cornflowers were in bloom. He wasn't in a hurry to come into the world, but he has been in a hurry ever since. His energy, enthusiasm, kindness and love inspire me and wear me out in equal measure but he has taught me so much. Happy birthday my eldest son x 

We woke him up at 7.22 am in the morning with a breakfast of pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup.  

Life has been so hectic recently I hardly had any time to go shopping, luckily the lovely Sarah Benton, of the Lion Street Store swung into action after I had admired some of her posts on Instagram! She photographed a picture of all the fab things in her shop that would appeal to an eleven year old boy, so I could easily choose! The presents arrived wrapped in really cool wrapping paper (below). Thank you Sarah, he loved the gifts they were perfect and it was a great way to go shopping!

The little one secretly stole the sweets and was caught eating them behind the flowers! He is turning into such a monkey.

This year the boy didn't want a birthday cake, instead he chose a pile of brownies, so the day before the younger boys and I made a mountain of 36 brownies!


  1. What a fantastic birthday and a great age to be. At 11 you feel so grown up but only in years to come to you realise how young you actually were. x

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely summer of fun x


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