Friday, 27 June 2014


I have had the great honour of working on a new poetry trail at work over the past few months. Designed to connect people with the local landscape and the poetry of Laurie Lee, the trail is called the Laurie Lee Wildlife Way and is a six mile circular walk, punctuated by 11 wooden posts featuring different poems. 

We were blessed to have the support of Laurie's daughter Jessy Lee and musician and author Cerys Matthews, who has written the introduction to the republished Cider with Rosie. We had a small launch for the trail yesterday, where Jessy read her father's poem April Rise, it was such a privilege to hear her read her fathers words on the centenary of his birth. 

Cerys brought her parents with her and paid tribute to her father who introduced her to the writing of Laurie Lee, before entertaining us by reading from her introduction. After the launch we found time to stop by the roadside to pick some elderflowers for Cerys to take back to London and make into elderflower champagne, much to the amusement of passers by, wondering what she was doing in a bush in a rural Gloucestershire lane! 

There are loads of wonderful events to celebrate Laurie Lee, from open gardens to poetry readings and a cider festival visit to find out more. 

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