Wednesday, 11 June 2014


When the Eco Green Store asked if we'd like to blog about their products we jumped at the chance. They asked us if we would like to choose £30 worth of Suma products and blog about what we did with them, which I thought would be easy, until I realised quite how extensive a product range Suma has - there are over 1,000 products listed on the website!

I decided a good use of this opportunity would be to address one of our bad family eating habitats - the mid-late afternoon snacking - when we all come home from work and school ravenous and forage in the cupboards for food, which are usually not the most healthiest if I'm to be honest!

So armed with The Green Kitchen cookbook, I chose their Hemp Protein Bar recipe which should fill even the hungriest of growing boys stomachs, and set about ordering the ingredients for these and also some chick peas and olive oil for some hummus that we're planning to make later in the week.


pumpkin seeds
desiccated coconut
hemp seeds
chia seeds
medjool dates
coconut oil
cocoa powder
rolled oats 
vanilla extract
& poppy seeds

Stanley enjoyed playing with the seeds first!

The boys really enjoyed making the bars which are quick and easy to blend, you then just pop them in the fridge to set! I love the extensive range of products on the Eco Green Store and although they are available at my local health food store, albeit a more limited range, to have cupboard staples delivered in bulk is much more convenient and cost effective too. I'll let you know whether they work tomorrow!

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