Sunday, 4 May 2014


Cow slip!

 The vintage tea tent

We took a wrong turn - which didn't matter as it meant I could be nosy!

May Bank Holiday welcomes the most charming of village events round our way, the Amberley Cow Hunt. Amberley is the most charming of Cotswold villages that clings to the side of Minchinhampton Common, where those with commoners rights can graze their livestock. The cows on the common are turned out each Easter and are much loved, they even supply the milk that makes the local ice cream at Winstones.

The Amberley Cow Hunt is an annual fundraising event run by the local playgroup and instead of looking for real cows, follows a trail looking for 'amoosingly' dressed up model cows. There are two routes a village one ideal for pushchairs, wheelchairs and little legs and a route across the common, which both attracted 'herds' of people!

There was the most amazing vintage tea tent half way around the trail with sublime cakes, a bell tent with face painting in and two pubs on the route too! Our favourite cows were 'cow slip', 'Despicable moo' and 'mooves like jagger' it was good fun to look out for them and a great day out for all the family, in fact you could say it was 'udderly enchanting' - I'll stop now!

Despicable Moo! 

sitting in the cowslips!

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  1. Despicable Moo Moonion for winner - in my opinion! I need those meringues in my life


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